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Why you can effortlessly and significantly improve your musical ability with the “Brain Hemisphere Harmonization” technique.

The strange story of how a strict surgeon unknowingly contributed to the creation of a method that can revolutionize your musical ability.

It all started with…

During my 25 year experience teaching and practicing with my students, as a left-handed person forced to write with my right hand (my father, a surgeon, could not psychologically handle the idea of a would-be surgeon son operating left handed), possibly guided by my natural instinct to balance left with right, I developed a method to learn music which will help you become a better musician.

When I discovered the ROS method, I immediately realized my students were obtaining better results with less work:

They achieved impressive results…

  • they improved their capacity to learn (learning much more quickly)
  • they played more smoothly, much sooner
  • they seemed to fall into a positive trance when they were playing, as if inspiration prevaricated over reason, creating moments of truly extraordinary virtuosity.

For a moment I thought I was the bees’ knees.

I initially thought that the idea of joining the right and left sides of the brain was my discovery.

I already imagined myself earning the highest awards in research but then……

…….then I discovered that the dialogue I had created between the left and right sides of the brain had already been well covered by neuroscience.

I hadn’t really discovered how to make the right and left sides of the brain dialogue.

I had only discovered how to harmonize the left and right sides of the brain to make you become a better musician.

Do you know neuroscience?

Talking of neuroscience: you may not have heard of it but neuroscience today is a series of interconnected subjects (math, physics, engineering, medicine, psychology, biology, philosophy, etc.)

The subject I want to talk to you about today is known as cognitive neuroscience.

Cognitive neuroscience is powerful stuff: it is about knowing how the brain and nervous system work, in relation to learning, memory, concentration, language perception and other factors.

As children, in our early years, we respond to language with both hemispheres.

Gradually, as we grow, the area relating to language moves mainly to the left hemisphere.

Here is the great thing about the ROS Method:

This method enables you to rediscover your “intuitive” habit of playing which you had naturally as a child.
This method allows you to find the capacity you had as a child, creating a bridge connecting the two hemispheres.

You will see: to succeed all you need is a bit of faith and a little time (though much less than you would imagine).

The importance of harmonizing the left and right brain hemispheres has always been recognized in martial arts, in Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga and Qi gong.
Through practicing martial arts and also yoga I came to appreciate the importance of balance in these disciplines.

Because it is true

that neuroscience has recently proved that different areas of the brain are specialized in specific activities, but with the possibility of interacting between them.

I have no credit regarding this discovery.

The discovery I made (and I thank my father’s strictness for this) is that when my students read music in an unconventional, absolutely innovative way…

…..that is when different areas of the brain were stimulated and harmonized.

Areas of the brain which are not normally used, are first stimulated by the ROS Method, and then…..

……..remain connected even after stimulation.

It is true:

with my method, after a period of training and conditioning, areas of the brain activate and “connect” so they remain active even after the training is over.
This is what I call my “Brain Hemisphere Harmonization” technique.

For this reason your capacity to play improves, because the method removes the filter of “reason” and “fear” which presently block and limit your capability to play.

You will play more smoothly, as if the music passes through you, just as happens to a musical genius.

You know when you practice a piece for hours but your learning doesn’t seem to improve?

This will no longer happen.
Have you ever practiced a piece for hours, without getting the desired result?

This happened to many of my students.

One typical problem is that our thoughts disturb our playing, or physical tension stops you from playing fluidly.

The ROS Method works on this aspect, removing the “judgment” of our rational mind.

With the ROS Method’s harmonization of the cerebral lobes you will be surprised how practice time will be reduced by up to half.

Brain Hemisphere Harmonization

The harmonization of the brain hemispheres is the procedure that will allow you to create a bridge between the two hemispheres through a series of specific exercises, maintaining specific areas connected.

Differently from normal procedures, through this technique you will not only “activate” the areas of the brain, but above all enable them to maintain communication between them, as in a team.

This is what will increase your ability as a musician.

A unique method which works in 15 minutes and will give you results never seen before

Applying this method will give you the feeling from the beginning that something has been switched on in your brain and is staying active.
You may have heard the well-known theory that we only use 10% of our brain.
The secret is the capacity to switch on different areas and keep them active and connected.
Thanks to this procedure, you are about to get the results you never thought possible, by practicing it at least fifteen minutes per day.

The results seen are:

  • You will notice improved sight reading
  • you will manage to study a new piece more quickly (up to half the time)
  • you will have better attention, concentration and openness of mind
  • you will perceive a more noble connection with other members of the group (if you play in an orchestra results are immediate)
  • you will have (much) enhanced creativity, and will be able to use that when improvising, playing and composing.

This is the first method that gives you a global, holistic approach to music…
….in a word, get the results by having FUN

Who is the method suitable for

the ROS METHOD does not have musical boundaries so is for all types of players and genres.