The author

The Author

Pepito Ros is an accomplished classical/jazz saxophonist, composer and researcher, who graduated from the “G.B.Martini” Conservatoire in Bologna and subsequently from the Paris European Conservatoire in Saxophone and Chamber Music under the guidance of Bruno Totaro.

A prize winner in various national and international contests, he played in many Festivals such as:
Festival du Saxophone-Paris, The Fenice Concerts, 10th World Saxophone Festival,
Asolo Music, International Meetings of Electronic Music, Festival Nuove Sincronie,
Dolomites Music Festival, Frankfurt Musikmesse, San Sebastian Jazz Festival,
Tourcoing Promenades Lyriques, Jazz at the Philharmonic Verona, Concert a la Fontaine Paris,
Concert at the Quirinale Rome, Amici della Musica in Trento, Verona etc.).

Absolute winner of the 2003 Piazzolla Music Award, as a soloist, he has performed with the Orchestra da Camera di Padova e del Veneto, Orchestra dei Pomeriggi Musicali,
Bacau Symphonic Orchestra. He has collaborated with: R.A.I. Milan, Arena di Verona Foundation, La Fenice Theater in Venice, the Giuseppe Verdi Municipal Theater in Trieste.
A Selmer artist, he has played with: Stefan Milenkovich, Antonio Albanese, Antonella Ruggiero, Franco D’Andrea, Paolo Birro, Paolo Fresu, Andrea Dindo, Andrea Dulbecco, European Saxophone Quartet etc.

Mr. Ros has recorded with the following labels: Artis Records, Splasch Records and Velut Luna.
His compositions, dedicated especially to saxophone, have been performed in Italy, Switzerland,
France, Germany, Belgium, USA, Austria, Holland, Hungary, Finland and Russia.

As well as working as a musician and composer, Pepito Ros researches the fields of rebalancing energy with sound and brain hemisphere harmonization.
Mr. Ros has recently developed the Ros Method, a holistic approach to music.
Thanks to specific exercises involving both of the brain hemispheres, the player will benefit from improved sight reading and will shorten the time needed for the preparation of new pieces. Memorization and concentration skills, as well as open-mindedness will be refined.
He is the Professor of Saxophone at the “C. Monteverdi” Conservatoire in Bolzano, Italy.

Laura Marina Giordano

Laura Giordano was born in Buenos Aires. She received  her Degree in Corporal Expression and after 25 years of experience and practice, She came to express her own way of teaching Expressive Dance under the name of Auradanza, a discipline of movement including body awareness, colors, sounds and dance, that allows everyone to get into contact of their own identity and expressive body language.

She has attended courses and workshops in the field of: Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Medical Gymnastics (Dr. Zhu), Feldenkreis Method, Aurosoma, Bioenergetics, Corenergetics, Reflexology Massage, Sound Massage (Peter Hess Method), etc..

In recent years she has completed her holistic training, receiving the Diploma in  Psychosynthesis  and the Diploma in Therapeutic Qigong  by the “Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.”

Because of her training as a Holistic Operator,  Laura has developed specific exercises addressed at  relieving accumulated body tensions and improving  posture awareness.

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